When crafting the perfect sandwich, every chef has to consider multiple factors that impact the final product. From meat to sauce ratios, cooking times, and what kind of meat you’re using, it’s a delicate balancing act that people have to walk. For the lobster roll, nothing is as important as the type of roll you choose. For most people, the New England-style split-top hot dog bun is the way to go.

What Is A Split-Top Bun?

Having been developed in the Northeastern United States, the lobster roll has gone through different iterations and styles over the years. The two most popular styles of lobster roll are the Connecticut style and New England style roll that have both become synonymous with the sandwich. While the cooking and serving methods differ between the two styles — or offer a combination of the two styles, as we do at our family seafood restaurant — what they’re served in remains the same: a top sliced hot dog bun.

The History of the New England Style Bun

As with most food-based traditions, this particular style of bun has historical significance in New England. Predating conventional hotdog buns by a few years, the New England style features a unique shape and texture that helps set it apart from styles across the nation.

Every iconic sandwich from around the world has its own ideal vessel for people to chow down, and the split-top bun is that for the lobster roll! Its rounded top, soft buttery texture, and the way it cradles the cooked lobster tail and claw meat make for the ideal vessel for your traditional lobster roll.  

Why Go With A Split-Top Bun?

From if a hotdog truly is a sandwich to if it’s called a hoagie, sub, or hero, the list of food debates rages on. You get into any culinary argument, and people will have their staunchest opinions about a particular dish. But when it comes to lobster rolls, the only option for a roll people agree on is that it needs to be a New England style split-top; regular hotdog buns simply do not measure up. 

The split-top bun can maintain its integrity with the assortment of condiments, lobster meat, and other additional ingredients that make the sandwich iconic. Also, when toasting the bun, you want to achieve that rich golden brown color that enhances the taste and eating experience. It comes down to creating that iconic experience that keeps people coming back for more. 

It Always Comes Down To The Roll

When it comes to building the perfect sandwich, finding the ideal balance between the star protein, the side players, sauce, and finally, the bread of choice can make or break your meal. Skimping on any one layer of your sandwich can ruin the entire experience and leave a bad (figuratively and literally) taste in your mouth.

Choosing the right roll for the job helps elevate your eating experience and create that authentic New England staple that has risen in popularity over the years. Check out our lobster menu in Cape May, NJ or Yardley, PA and your new favorite lobster roll at La La Lobster and see what all the golden brown fuss is about!