Fine dining seafood restaurants have looked for ways to bridge the gap between clientele who wanted to embrace the deliciousness of meat-centric dishes with the seas’ bounty. Finding innovative ways to bring these people through the doors to show that seafood could be just as rich and decadent as a perfectly cooked filet mignon presented a challenge they needed to meet head-on to survive. Bridging the gap between seafood and steak comes in the form of one now-classic culinary duo — surf n’ turf.

The Best of Both Worlds

Determining where the first instance of surf ‘n turf occurred has been a point of historical contention. Heated debates over whether it originated on the west coast or the east coast — either in Seattle, WA or Lowell, MA — have vexed culinary historians for decades. Wherever its roots lie, the goal remained the same — create a decadent meal that combined the best proteins from land and sea to create a truly unique culinary experience. 

What Pairs Best 

Not every surf n’ turf meal is created equal, and different proteins pair better to create a cohesive dish that people want to order at every visit. Finding the perfect balance for the surf n’ turf means chefs have to taste the different combinations and discover which flavor combinations work best for the menu. Usually, surf n’ turf meals will take a perfectly cooked filet and match it with a seafood item that makes the most sense. 

Typically, pairing filet mignon and lobster will provide restaurants with two traditionally luxury proteins from land and sea, which visitors want to see. Creating a menu that highlights the strengths of both and shows the marriage of these two proteins into a cohesive vision presents a challenge, but one that La La Lobster tackled head-on. 

What Big Blue Brings to the Table

While combining seafood and red meat might seem like something you save for anniversary dinners and big celebrations, surf n’ turf doesn’t have to be reserved for those occasions. Opening up different avenues for people to enjoy these meals in an accessible way still showcases what makes the pairing a classic culinary experience remains a challenge. 

Finding a unique spin on the world of surf n’ turf can overwhelm a less experienced chef. However, the La La Lobster team combined the best meat from the lobster (tail and claw) with perfectly cooked ½ lb of filet and turned it into a truly delicious and decadent sandwich on a toasted brioche bun. Transforming something like surf n’ turf into a portable and still delicious sandwich helps introduce more people to that portion of the culinary world. 

In addition to the classic filet and lobster combination, you can also pair other sea-based proteins to make a dynamite pairing. Pairing shrimp or a crab cake with your favorite turf protein can also make for a memorable meal that leaves you thinking about long after your final bite. 

Get Your Surf n’ Turf Fix at La La Lobster’s Big Blue!

Finding ways to introduce more people to the decadence that comes from a well-prepared surf n’ turf meal can be a challenge for restauranteurs. However, La La Lobster has found a way to introduce our customers to what was once only saved for expensive restaurants and once-a-year celebrations. Stop by La La Lobster’s Big Blue and taste what the best of land, our steak sandwich, and sea, our lobster roll sandwich, has to offer today!