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Delicious Seafood Meals in Yardley, PA

Nestled in the heart of Yardley, PA, is an unforgettable eating experience. Along scenic Main Street, intermingled with historical landmarks and trendy shops, is La La Lobster, a restaurant dedicated to the passion of lobster lovers everywhere.
With over 20 years of experience in the restaurant industry working at some of the finest eateries in the area, Nicole, La La Lobster’s owner, decided to follow her dream. She established a restaurant where customers can enjoy the delicate yet vibrant taste of lobster.
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La La Lobster’s name came from Nicole’s daughter Bella, who, like many of us, thoroughly enjoys the delicious taste of lobster. Whether you crave a Lobster Roll, Lobster Taco, or Lobster Grilled Cheese, there is something on our menu for every lobster lover to savor.

Mouth-Watering Lobster Meals in Yardley, PA

Yardley, PA, is a town steeped in historical significance. Initially settled in July of 1682 by William Yeardley, the city is rich in culture and has become a beacon for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the surrounding areas.

With its storied history, unique shopping experiences, and welcoming feel, Nicole believed Yardley, PA, would be the perfect place to begin her journey as a restaurant owner. And with that, La La Lobster was created. Serving high-quality seafood meals and, specifically, lobster meals in a short span of time, La La Lobster has built a reputation with its outstanding customer service and savory dishes.

Lobster-Centric Menu for the Lobster Lover in All of Us

Before visiting La La Lobster, take a moment to go over our menu. You will notice that most of our dishes revolve around incorporating lobster into already popular foods. We have something for everyone, from Lobster Grilled Cheese to our elusive Lobster Tacos (only available on Tuesdays!). No matter which way you enjoy a seafood meal, La La Lobster provides fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that are sure to satisfy the most discerning of tastes.

When developing her dream of building a restaurant for lobster lovers everywhere, Nicole drew her inspiration from family trips down to the New Jersey shore. Oftentimes, her family would enjoy the local eateries and especially those that had lobster on the menu. Yet, Nicole and her husband knew they could do it better, and thus La La Lobster became a reality.

Enjoy a Friendly Visit to La La Lobster

Whether you are a resident or just visiting Yardley, PA, take a moment and stop by La La Lobster to enjoy the cuisine. We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the inviting atmosphere, excellent service, and tempting delicacies at our location. You can order ahead by giving us a call or visiting our online shop. If you’re a lobster lover and want to savor a menu full of lobster-centric dishes to please your palette, La La Lobster is the place for you.

With a menu packed with delicious lobster dishes, a vibrant location in Yardley, Pennsylvania, and online ordering at our shop, you can’t go wrong with a lobster meal from those that know lobster best, La La Lobster.

Our Yardley, Pennsylvania restaurant is located at 35 S. Main St. Yardley, PA, 19067. You can also give us a call at (267) 448-3131 and place your order over the phone. Let your inner lobster lover out and enjoy the tastes only found at La La Lobster!

La La Yardley


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With 20+ years of experience in the finest restaurants, our owner Nicole is excited to present her vision to you and all our guests. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.

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