In years past, the average person viewed seafood as something saved for a luxury dinner or special occasions. With dishes like shrimp scampi, lobster thermidor, and lobster rolls representing a significant time commitment, people want to enjoy more fish-based meals on the go. La La Lobster provides our customers with access to the perfect seafood bowl, and they have wondered how exactly we pulled it off.

What Makes for the Perfect Seafood Bowl?

Making the perfect seafood bowl looks different for everyone. Different flavor profiles, ingredients, and more subjectively change with each person making a unique dish. However, some common elements help elevate this restaurant staple into something more. 

Whether you’re looking to find the ideal lobster bowl in Yardley, PA, or want to recreate one that stayed with you the moment you ate it, you need to know the exact manner in which this dish is made. Here are our 5 essential tips to make the perfect seafood bowl. 

Tip #1 — Pick the Protein

Every list of 5 essential tips to make the perfect seafood bowl starts with protein. Whether you pick shrimp, lobster, snow crab legs, clams, or even scallops if you’re feeling extra fancy, the seafood you choose as the focus of the bowl will dictate the flavor profile. Some will take to spice better than others without losing the distinct umami that evokes the sea. 

Tip #2 — Decide on the Heat Level

We’re not talking about how hot it is coming off the line — we’re talking about the spiciness of your bowl. Some people want to add as much cajun seasoning and hot sauce as possible to give the dish an extra quick. In contrast, others might think that bay seasoning and garlic butter might be too much for their palette. It all depends on personal preference. 

You can adjust the seasoning as you go, accounting for whether you’re feeling brave enough to add ghost peppers or want to keep it at an even keel. Seafood bowls are malleable enough to play with spice levels until you find your ideal seasoning blend. 

Tip #3 — Find the Balance

It doesn’t matter if you’re making lunch for your kids or feeding a hungry restaurant; every meal needs to find the balance in flavor and ingredients to make the ideal dish. In terms of ingredients, you want to grab veggies to provide a nutritional crunch and textural component. Most bowls — meat, seafood, or vegetarian — tend to incorporate rice or quinoa for a similar contrast. 

Additionally, adding lime or lemon juice at the right point can help balance the acidity levels with the salt content for a better bite. 

Tip #4 — Make Your Sauce

Of the 5 essential tips to make the perfect seafood bowl, the sauce may be one of the last things on your mind. Sometimes you may grab a premade sauce and think that will be enough to pull the whole dish together, but it often has the opposite effect. Premade sauces can have high sodium content or too much sugar and throw off the delicate balance of your meal. 

Creating the sauce from scratch can appear daunting at first glance, but it can take your seafood bowl to the next level when done correctly. Combining different ingredients to play with spice, sweetness, acidity, and more will help highlight star ingredients and elevate the entire experience. 

Tip #5 — Have Fun With It!

Home cooks and other “essential tips for making a seafood bowl” lists often overlook a fundamental aspect of cooking: making food should be a fun experience. Whether you’re making something for the people you love or deciding to meal prep for the week, cooking should be a fun experience that you want to come back to. Experimenting with different combinations can lead to unexpected results that transform into your staple meals. 

Come Visit La La Lobster to Try Our Seafood Bowls!

With these 5 essential tips to make the perfect seafood bowl in your arsenal, you can start creating them from the comfort of your kitchen. But before you put in your application for Chopped, why not come to one of our locations and see how the professionals handle it!

La La Lobster continues to find ways to inject fun into our kitchen, and we hope that joy is reflected in the meals we serve to our customers. With our seafood bowls incorporating the freshest ingredients like our renowned lobster, avocado, sweet corn, and fancy cheddar cheese on a delectable bed of brown rice, we’re always striving to elevate our menu to new heights. 
Stop by one of our locations, check out the La La Lobster menu and try a seafood bowl today!