Seafood Bowls

Lobster Bowl

Seafood cuisine is quickly becoming more accessible to predominantly landlocked areas. As restaurants add more seafood items to their menus, they begin to think about the different ways they can present the stars of the dish. Enter: The Lobster Bowl.

Featuring a refreshing mix of lobster, brown rice, avocado, sweet corn, diced tomatoes, and fancy cheddar cheese, La La Lobster brings the lobster bowl to our Bristol, PA community. We highlight lobster in a way that aims to make it accessible and delicious for all of our customers.

Yardley’s Lobster Bowl Restaurant

People often consider seafood to be too extravagant or too much of an acquired taste for the average restaurant patron. Without a direct outlet for freshly caught seafood, Bucks County, PA has been without a place to experience the bounty of the sea consistently.

The delicious lobster bowls represent a chance for La La Lobster to give our customers a unique way to appreciate the lobster in all of its delicious glory. As more people come through our doors from Yardley and Levittown, PA, and even all the way to Ewing and Mercer County NJ, La La Lobster aims to make lobster bowls everyone’s new favorite meal!

A Seafood Bowl Restaurant

At La La Lobster, we don’t stop at only lobsters. There are plenty of other delicious foods found within the sea, and we want to make fresh seafood dishes for our friends in the community!

As more people are exposed to high-quality seafood dishes, the more they come to appreciate that there are more diverse food options out there than a simple burger that you can get at every fast food restaurant within driving distance. Finding and embracing the variety of the ocean can open a world of culinary possibilities for people!

Our Shrimp Bowl

In addition to lobster, our menu also features delectable shrimp bowls for our customers!

Our shrimp bowls share the same basic DNA as our vaunted lobster bowls. The same bed of brown rice, creamy avocado, sweet corn, diced tomatoes, and fancy cheddar cheese form the basis of the dish. However, the shrimp adds a different dimension to the meal that allows it to stand on its own!

The plump and firm texture of the shrimp provides that distinctive mouthfeel. After biting into the delectable shrimp, you get the flavor wave that can only be described as “ocean-like” with a hint of natural sweetness that makes eating the La La Shrimp Bowl a different culinary experience for our visitors.

For customers coming into La La Lobster for the first time, know that we aim to deliver the best seafood experience you can find for the right price. With our lobster bowls providing you with a complex flavor profile, with the accessibility offered by a traditional bowl experience, we want to make lobster your new favorite protein!

La La Lobster proudly serves the residents of:

  • Bristol, PA
  • Yardley, PA
  • Levittown, PA
  • Bucks County, PA
  • Ewing, NJ
  • Mercer County, NJ
  • And Much More!

Come on down and see what makes La La Lobster one of the up and coming lobster roll restaurants and seafood family restaurants in the area today!

Bowl of seasoned cooked shrimp
What Customers Say

As someone who does not eat meat and only fish, I am a big fish and lobster fan. LalaLobster has the best. The best lobster rolls, the best soup, the... read more

thumb Emily Davis
March 2, 2021

Very enjoyable with a great staff. We have been here only two times so far but will definitely be back. Close by in Yardley PA, they offer a decent selection... read more

thumb Daniel Herrera
January 19, 2021

First off let me start off by saying the food was very very good I got a spicy lobster my father got a regular lobster roll. They tasted delicious and... read more

thumb Mike Baal
January 13, 2021

La La Lobster...the best Lobster Rolls (and all things lobster) in Bucks! The location is small and quaint with flavors that are big and savory! What a perfect... read more

thumb Jose Cancio
December 12, 2020
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