When anyone thinks of Thanksgiving, they call to mind images of turkey, stuffing, all-day football, and for the running families, Turkey Trot 5Ks first thing in the morning. They are holiday traditions that have stood the test of time, but is it truly representative of the first Thanksgiving? What did that first meal actually look like? Was lobster part of the first Thanksgiving meal, and what has changed over the years? 

The First Thanksgiving

Much has been said about the first Thanksgiving, with many inquiring about what was eaten at the first meal between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims of Plymouth Rock. One of the things that have been a point of contention was just what kind of role did turkey play in that menu? 

Historians have said that turkey has not been confirmed as a component of that initial meal. They contend that the most common proteins found in that area of the new world at the time consisted of wildfowl, venison, and a range of fresh seafood. The seafood options included clams, oysters, mussels, and the humble lobster. 

The first Pilgrim settlers could harvest everything from lobster, clams, eels, and other fish on their own, while the Native Americans could bring them mussels to trade with for other goods. The initial Thanksgiving feast lasted for five days. 

How Turkey Overtook Lobster as the Star Thanksgiving Attraction

The Thanksgiving meal evolved over time to represent a wider variety of food, culinary styles, and familial customs in the generations since that initial feast. As the times changed, people began to shift away from seafood and focus more on things they could raise on the land. Turkey became a widely popular choice, becoming the new centerpiece of the meal and holiday, with lobster taking a backseat and almost becoming lost in the long history of the holiday. 

As modern menus continue to evolve, turkey maintains its place as one of the highlights of the Thanksgiving meal. However, that doesn’t mean that lobster hasn’t been making a quiet and steady comeback, as it has steadily risen in popularity as one of the top seafood proteins in the culinary world. 

Making Old Traditions New Again

If you and your family have grown tired of eating the same tired turkey every Thanksgiving meal, incorporating something like lobster into the menu and making complimentary dishes around your new star can prove beneficial. As people begin experimenting with lobster dishes for their yearly feasts, finding inspiration for their non-traditional options becomes vital. Finding flavor combinations that make sense for the occasion, protein, and your family can seem challenging. Still, getting inspiration from your favorite local lobster restaurant in Yardley, PA, La La Lobster, can help. 

Making New Holiday Traditions

Whether you’re looking to completely replace turkey as your new main focal point or want to offer the option of choosing something different, La La Lobster may be the solution you’re looking for. We have a centralized menu that can provide an array of meals that can spark your imagination and make your Thanksgiving feast a memorable one. 

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