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Lobster fans used to have to go to a sit-down full-service establishment with a shell cracker, fork, and a bib to get to the delicious meat. Additionally, most people are intimidated by cooking live lobsters at home, which increases the appeal of a lobster roll shop. 

As most shops open up, it’s making this dream menu item more widely available to seafood fans across the country. Delicious lobster-focused meals are no longer confined to fine dining restaurants or the Northeastern United States.

Since the La La Lobster operating process has become streamlined, you won’t need heavy restaurant equipment or complex operating procedures to run it efficiently. You won’t need highly sought-after executive chefs or skilled labor to make these dishes a reality. Savvy entrepreneurs with previous business experience can open and operate a La La Lobster establishment upon completion of our comprehensive 10-day training program.

While previous experience in the restaurant industry will help prepare you for your own La La Lobster franchise, it’s not required. Thanks to your streamlined operational guidelines, prior business experience, and savvy entrepreneurial spirit will set you up for success.

You might think cooking perfectly cooked lobster requires hours in the kitchen, and getting every piece of the meal perfect would surprise you. A signature La La Lobster lobster roll does not require extensive prep and cooking time. With the need for less heavy-duty restaurant equipment, you won’t see the typical investment in industrial-grade ventilation, electrical, plumbing, or air conditioning needs found in the average restaurant. Since you operate your franchise with a small kitchen, you only need a space between 700 to 1,200 square feet to make it a reality. Additionally, your required initial investment is comparatively low compared to similar opportunities.

Lobster remains one of the most popular seafood options in the United States, and its popularity continues to grow. As more people want to find more accessible ways to enjoy their high-quality protein, a La La Lobster franchise can take advantage of this section of the market.

Dedicated lobster roll shops in Pennsylvania and New Jersey are slow to materialize. Most lobster fans still have to go to full-service restaurants in these local areas to get their fix. By jumping ahead of the curve and operating a La La Lobster franchise, you can capitalize on this market inefficiency and see record growth!
The key to any successful fast-casual restaurant model revolves around what the customers have to say. Are they happy with your product, and are they telling their friends, family, and acquaintances about it? Fortunately for the La La Lobster brand, our customers are singing our praises! Check out what our customers say about La La Lobster on Yelp, Facebook, and Trip Advisor!
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More people want to find places that combine the swiftness of your average fast food restaurant with the quality and focus on excellent ingredients of full-service restaurants. As more fast-casual restaurants open across the country, a La La Lobster franchise is uniquely situated to capitalize on the growing trend and offer a superior product.
The American population generally demands more seasonal and health-focused menu options from their fast-casual restaurants. Focusing on domestically sourced main ingredients paired with healthier side options, La La Lobster can attract a significant segment of the market share.
Generally speaking, lobster remains renowned as one of the most expensive menu items at full-service sit-down restaurants and at your local supermarket. One of the keys to making La La Lobster sustainable has been offering our rolls, bowls, and other menu items at affordable prices that still cover any overhead costs. We ensure that we price our dishes competitively to keep our customers satisfied and coming back for more!

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