Over the years, lobster has earned its status as one of the premier fine dining proteins. Some of the most expensive and extravagant meals found on a restaurant’s menu would feature lobster in some fashion. When you had such a lobster dish at one of these establishments, they would often come forward with a recommendation for a wine that pairs well with your meal. The wine pairing represents another way that restaurants create a fine dining atmosphere for their guests. 

With high-end restaurants still offering limited seating and the prospect of a romantic dinner at home on the horizon, why not recreate that high-end restaurant atmosphere with a perfectly cooked lobster from your favorite lunch & lobster roll restaurant and the perfect wine to go with it? Here are some of our favorite wine and lobster pairings! 

How was the lobster cooked?

Before you go picking your wine, you need to decide on how you want your lobster cooked. Different preparations bring out other flavor profiles and will affect the choice of the wine. The most popular ways to cook lobster include:

  • Grilling
  • Boiling
  • Poaching
  • Steamed
  • Baked

Now Onto the Wines

Now that you have the cooking method decided, you can begin to pair your perfectly cooked lobster with the best wine. 


One of the most popular white wines on the market, chardonnay is a routine crowd pleaser and go-to for wine lovers. Depending on the process, this wine can feature oaky and buttery notes or a crisp and fruity flavor. The differences between chardonnays can help you fine-tune the perfect match for your lobster feast. Lobsters served in a creamy or butter-based sauce pair the best with this white wine classic. 


Rosé can pair well with lobsters, enhancing the delicate natural flavors that define lobster. Dry rosés have the right subtle notes to marry with the lobster but do not overpower the protein. The delicate flavor of lobster is one of its trademarks, but in the wrong hands, and with the wrong wine pairing, it can become lost amidst other intense flavors. Rosé can strike the perfect balance between letting the lobster shine and bring its unique flavor to the meal. 


The dangers of using a glass of red wine for your pairing lies in the contrast with the lobster’s delicate flavor and most red wines’ bold flavors. However, with lobster dishes in tomato-based sauces, a more subtle red wine — like a nice chianti — can prove an excellent pairing for your lobster dinner. Its combination of acidity, low (enough) tannis, and a more herbaceous nature enhances both the red sauce and the lobster’s delicate flavors. 

Lobster dishes tend to evoke particular feelings in people when they bite into their meal. In the right hands, the meal takes them on a culinary journey that stimulates parts of the world that wouldn’t have otherwise. With the perfect wine pairing, that can take that culinary journey to new heights. 

Thanks to La La Lobster, you no longer have to wait to go to a high-end restaurant to enjoy a perfectly cooked lobster dinner. Our signature lobster bowls pair perfectly with the same wine you would find on a wine list or in your collection. Come down and enjoy some of the best lobster you’ve ever tasted!