Every home cook wants to recreate their favorite meals and recipes they stumble across in their culinary travels. One of the hardest things for home cooks to accomplish is recreating that perfect bite that they experienced, which is just as much the case for lobster rolls. As more people try to replicate the northern classic, the demand for the rules of a perfect lobster roll becomes more necessary. Whether you opt for a Maine or Connecticut-style Lobster Roll, here is everything you need for a perfect lobster roll sandwich

Step 1: The Roll

Every great sandwich starts with the right bread choice, and the lobster roll is no different. With that said, put the hotdog buns down and get the split-top bun. The split top is the optimal choice due to its ability to absorb the butter and get that perfect crispy texture when you griddle the roll. 

Step 2: Choose Your Vegetable Wisely

The best sandwiches include notes of freshness to help cut through the fat and balance out the meal. However, not all greens are created equal, and some provide a better canvas for the flavors to meld together. Lettuce can get soggy when introduced to mayo and has a bitter note that does not mesh well with the sweetness of the lobster. Opting for celery provides the same crunch but with a more compatible flavor to go with the lobster roll. 

Step 3: Condiment Moderation 

People love to use different condiments and sauces to help elevate their sandwiches, including lobster rolls. Traditionally, they are served with a smattering of mayo. However, how much mayo you use can significantly affect the way that your lobster roll eats. That distinctive mayo flavor can quickly overpower the dish and drown out the lobster. Instead of tossing the lobster in the mayo, try using it as a spread on the bread to minimize the chance of overpowering the delicate lobster. 

Step 4: It’s All About the Lobster

No matter what sandwich you’re trying to make, the protein has to be the stand-out star of the show. Picking the right lobster for your roll requires choosing the right kind of lobster and harvesting the right meat from the best sections. If you’re picking the North Atlantic lobster, you’re picking the one that started it all and has helped set the standard for what lobster rolls can be. Additionally, you want to extract the meat from the claws, tail, and knuckle of the lobster for the best experience.

Now that you know all of the critical components of the perfect lobster roll, you can try it out in your home kitchen! If you still need some inspiration or want to try one of our restaurant’s seafood bowls, come on down to La La Lobster today!