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Seafood and Steak at Big Blue

Surf and turf has been seen as the height of the culinary world for years. It has a reputation as being saved solely for high-end and costly dinners, especially on big anniversaries. However, it doesn’t have to be that way — why not have something that tastes so good as much as you want?

Sometimes deciding between whether you want a steak roll or a seafood roll can become the most difficult question for someone, paralyzing your decision-making as you try to choose which of these top-tier cuisines will be on your plate tonight. Thankfully, with the help of La La Lobster’s BYOB Yardley, PA location, Big Blue, you can get the best of both the seafood and steak worlds!

Our surf and turf menu features the highest quality steak rolls and food around the area. We take the same approach to building our land menu as we do our seafood menu. Finding the perfect balance between seafood and steak options means we can offer our customers the best of each style and have many more people leave completely satisfied!

Additionally, Big Blue will be one of your newest BYOB restaurants in Bucks County, PA! With the option to bring drinks that you think will pair well with our surf and turf offerings, you can make your next visit a memorable one!

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Our Steak Menu

While La La Lobster has built our reputation for delivering the finest lobster rolls and seafood bowls in Yardley, PA, and throughout New Jersey, we wanted to build out a steak menu that can provide the same promises. Building the right surf and turf menu emphasizes the quality of steaks and the food we put out at our Big Blue Barn (located conveniently behind La La Lobster in Yardley.) We wanted to develop the best surf and turf and BYOB restaurant in Bucks County, PA, out there, bringing new options to the market. With a focus on merging the best of land and sea, our food aims to hit various palettes and keep them coming back for more. Bringing the best seafood and steak helps appeal to a broader culinary audience and allows us to stretch our muscles in the kitchen. Our kitchen staff is always looking to push ourselves and find new ways to deliver the best menu possible. With our new steak menu options, we hope more people will make the trip to Big Blue and taste the difference!

Try Our Steak Roll!

Taking surf and turf restaurants to the next level involves finding the right vessel for our culinary creations. Like our famed lobster rolls, we utilize the split-top New England-style rolls to hold the meat in place along with all of our accompanying pieces. While we aim to build a better steak roll, we also want to unite our surf and turf menu in unique ways at our BYOB Yardley, PA location. When you visit La La Lobster in Yardley, you want to know just how closely the seafood and steak menus are linked. Our Yardley menu features a seafood and steak roll that combines the hearty steak with succulent lobster meat to create a one-of-a-kind culinary experience only found at Big Blue!  Finding the right combination of steak and seafood options at affordable prices has been made easier, thanks to La La Lobster. If you want to experience the best the world of seafood and steak has to offer, stop by La La Lobster’s Big Blue in Yardley, PA!
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    With 20+ years of experience in the finest restaurants, our owner Nicole is excited to present her vision to you and all our guests. Our caring and committed staff will ensure you have a fantastic experience with us.

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